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Hi CA!

I work for a small company called Magical Game Studio (the engineer picked the company name).  I’ve been a long-time follower of ConceptArt and am once again excited to present an opportunity to the community that we’re passionate about.  The game we’ve been working on is a throw-back to one of our favorites, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and we’re looking to create a similar 2D, top-down adventure game with more of a painterly art style. Ideally, the artists we’re looking for would be able to create both environment tiles and character sprite animations.

Our studio is comprised of three founders and we’re looking for a couple artists to fill our ranks. Between myself and my two partners, we have 19 years professional experience making games, with 8 shipped titles between us. We’ve shipped AAA and indie projects alike. Our roles are Technical Director, Design Director/CEO, and Art Director, and we’re both currently employed full time in those roles at other companies (not the CEO part, but Executive Producer). This is our passion project that we’re looking to launch so that we can break into our own studio. We have personal funds to help pay for this position, though our significant others strongly prefer we find someone who is interested in a royalty/ownership deal.

We’re looking to finish our game demo so we can showcase to companies at GDC in March.

We currently have friends and co-workers who are employed in upper management/executive-level positions for most major publishers, including EA, Activision, Blizzard, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Gearbox, and we’ve been development partners on the three major console platforms.  Our target platforms for this game are PC and Nintendo Switch.  Based on my prior conversations with these companies, most of them are interested in publishing or investing in our project as long as the execution is on par with our previous work.

If you’re interested in hearing more, we have documented a full breakdown of our art needs with more detail on the game itself (and us as a team) and we’d love to discuss it with you via Discord.  Simply email me with your portfolio or examples of work and I’ll reply promptly.

Art Style:

MGS requires a top-down camera angle and has clear art direction leaning towards a painterly, visually expressive style, shown in the attached examples.

And some more “job” details:

Primary responsibilities will include:

creating concept art to effectively reinforce existing art style and direction
creating sprite animations for characters, environments, effects and interfaces
Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Some examples of our current work:


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